IT Infrastructure, Managed Services and AMC

Managed services by its definition is the practice of outsourcing the duty for sustaining, and identifying the need for, a range of processes and functions with the intention of improving operations and cutting down on expenses. In today’s sprouting & unpredictable economy, businesses must make certain that they’re working with a reliable, trustworthy and swift-responsive IT Support Company to continuously keep their systems up and running. With the mammoth increase in the importance of data and the decisions it drives, it is imperative to ascertain that your IT infrastructure is running 24×7 with close to no downtime

At Arcware , we are involved in providing IT infrastructure, Managed Services and Annual Maintenance Contracts around:

Computer Systems, Hardware, Software Applications, Backups & Recovery, Virus Scan & Removal, Disk Cleanup

Troubleshooting, LAN/WAN, WiLAN, Cabling & Rack Mounting, Electrical Setup, ISPs, Domain Controller, Active Directory Management, Email Configuration

Hosting, Maintenance, Backups, Disaster Recovery, Support

IP Telephony: VoIP, CuCM, 3cX, Asterisk

Biometric Access Control – Image, Retina & Thumb-based Biometric Attendance

Contracts and provision of Resident Engineers

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