ERPNEXT – Enterprise Resource Planning

ERPNEXT is a robust and state-of-the-art ERP system that exploits the latest technological infrastructure and tools to deliver an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful system that can run on any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile, and can be hosted physically on-premises for ultimate performance or on the cloud for maximum reachability and security. Here’s why you should start using Arc today:

Arc is packed with enterprise-ready features from Financial Systems to Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Quality Management, CRM and more!

Unlimited User Accounts

Arc lets you create as much users as you want! There is no licensing or subscription fee based on number of users.


Hosting available on Cloud for maximized reachability or on-premises for increased performance.

Technology Stack

Arc is built on modern, state-of-the-art Technology Stack which includes Python, JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Jinja,, Unicorn, etc.


Every business is unique and has their specialized needs. Arc is built with capacity to adapt changing needs of each business. Our Engineers customize the solution for you as and when needed!


Arc supports workflow implementation of business processes. You can map your process flows without the need of any backend customization!

Document Repository

Arc has a built-in document repository. Store as many documents as you want.

Build-your-own Reports

In addition to 100+ enterprise-ready reports, Arc provides you the functionality to build your own reports from drag and drop. No coding required!

Custom Print Formats

Now use your ERP as your own localized Software!

Process Governance & Controls

Manage restrictions and permissions across documents, users, fields, reports and other functionality. Get alerts on deadlines, overdue invoices and payments, employee absenteeism, and more! Process Governance and Controls are perhaps one of the best features of Arc.

In-built Email and SMS Facility

Want to send ERP documents to your customers or suppliers? You don’t need to open your Email Client. Arc has an in-built facility to send out emails and SMS to your any party having an email address and/or a mobile number.

Ownership of the ERP

We offer multiple plans for ownership of Arc. Upfront Lumpsum Payment: Paid in two to three installments such as Advance, Mid-Project and Go-Live. Rental: Rent out Arc with standard functionality, best suited for startups and budding entrepreneurs. Rent to Own: For businesses looking to acquire Arc, but unable to pay upfront for the entire system.


Arc is easily integrated with your favorite applications including dozens of off-the-shelf and customized software. We are currently offering integrations with:

  • o   Dropbox

    o   Google Drive

    o   Google Calendar

    o   Google Contacts

    o   Woocommerce

    o   Shopify

    o   Amazon Marketplace

    o   Paypal

    o   Social Login

    o   OAuth

    o   SQL-based Point of Sales Terminals


Google Drive
Google Calendar
Amazon Marketplace

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